Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Voice: Why We're Here

Why Does The Voice Exist?
First, this blog exists to take sinful, transformed, Holy Spirit-filled men with similar theological convictions, and to connect them to one another to help encourage and assist each other in their efforts to spread the Gospel. This means that The Voice is meant to be a source of mutual encouragement and education for those who contribute to it; if no one ever visited this blog, it would still serve a worthwhile purpose.

Second, we are educating people about how their Christian faith makes a difference in every day life. It is meant to teach Christianity as a way of life more than it is about teaching an abstract system of ideas and concepts--which means that when we talk about doctrine, we make sure that you can understand how it makes a difference in your life right now. This means that The Voice is meant to be a source of encouragement and education to other Christians, both young and old; if a community began to form around this blog, that community would not be starved of thoughtful conversation and spiritual nourishment.

Third, we want to show non-Christians that the resurrection of Jesus makes a difference. It is our desire to show that Christianity -the belief that Jesus gives us redemption, and therefore purpose, and therefore peace- is alive, and that those who are without Christ need Him desperately, and that nothing in life has any meaning until Jesus gives it meaning. This means that The Voice is meant to evangelize through invitation; if someone who did not belong to the community of believers came to this site, it is our hope that they would find a people to belong to and a Christianity worth believing in.

Why Did You Decide to Start The Voice?
Basically, I (Sean) found that I love The Resurgence, which is a blog run by men who are both Reformed, Complementarian, Evangelical, and Missional. But The Resurgence is mostly for pastors and church planters, and we need people with the same theological convictions to talk to other groups of people, to educate and walk together with the office worker, the highschool student, the basketball player, the kid struggling with their sexual identity, and the skateboarder, explaining what the teachings of the Christian faith mean for them. It's a hole that isn't being filled by anything else in the blogosphere.

Why Do Multiple People Contribute?
Because it lessens the work load. As is sometimes said, "many hands make light work." All of us at The Voice have different experiences and points of expertise, so we all bring something important and different to the table. Really, for something of the scope that we are trying to accomplish here, we don't believe that any one person could carry the burden of running this place alone. We need, as it were, different parts of the body to get the job done.

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