Monday, November 1, 2010

A Working Vacation: Miracle Month

It seems pretty quiet around here. Too quiet. And that's probably because I haven't been blogging. I think it started with me coming down with pneumonia, and extended into my week-long practicum in Winnipeg, and has finally arrived at what the local college peeps call miracle month - the one month when, inexplicably, all of the teachers decide to make every single piece of course work due.

What I am trying to say is that I will be gone for November. And during this month, unless I run into some unexpected free time, you will not see me anymore. And while you could follow me to where I am going, I would really rather that you didn't; I have a ton of stuff to do and a very small time in which to do it.

So this is it for the month of November: I am off to do my studies. I thank all of you for actually, unbelievably, following this blog and reading the stuff on here. Please keep The Voice bookmarked. I will be seeing you soon!

Jesus bless,

Note: Ryan Rice and Nic Laughter might be adding to the blog sporadically over the next month. Check back to see if they have written anything; I know that I will be.