Thursday, December 2, 2010

The End of (Silent) November

With November come to a close, and the Christmas month of December upon us, The Voice is open again. Thanks for your patience. In a twist that I just did not see coming, we actually gained more followers during our month of silence. I count myself happy, impressed, bewildered, grateful, and humbled all at once - a happy day! While there is some more meaty theological/practical fare coming in the next few days, I wanted to tell you all some more personal news:

I am getting married on May 7th, 2011! I proposed to my girlfriend (now fiancèe), Kendra Jaarsma, a few weeks ago. I ask that you might pray for us as we plan the wedding, pursue older mentors, and strive to make Christ known through our imminent -and, personally speaking, exciting!- marriage.

A few other things (some not so happy)...
  • (Legal) Canadian Polygamy & Prostitution - I do not have enough time to link to everything exhaustively, but rest assured this will be a future blog post. Canadian courts have just legalized prostitution in the Province of Ontario; not only that, but we are on the verge of legalizing polygamy and multiple-partner marriages in British Columbia, too. Both of these cases open the doors for similar action in the rest of Canada. As Christians we need to be in prayer against the absolute breakdown in morality that these cases represent.
  • Possible Change of Career Plans - Over the last month I have given some serious thought toward going into the trades. I just don't want to be an English teacher. I have known since I was really young that I want to do something physical for a job. So naturally I have to start making all sorts of hard decisions about dropping from college, applying to trade school, putting off a theological degree (maybe indefinitely), and a good number of other things. You guys will still like me even if I don't go to seminary, right? I could use some prayer as Kendra and I talk through this decision and think about what we should do.
  • Less Is More on The Voice - Rather than putting out content every day, or at least, trying to, I am going to pull back the blog to only a couple of substantive articles per week. The rest of my posts will likely be links to other things. This gives me the chance to focus on quality over quantity, and to spend a little more time recruiting writers and telling other people about the blog. I hope that by freeing myself up a little bit I can actually do more for The Voice.
Other than that, it is nice to be back Thank you for being patient everyone. Coming Next: "John 3.16... In Context."

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