Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bible In a Year (Genesis 41 to 42)

*Based on's Chronological Bible In a Year schedule. If anyone would like to join in, this blog's comments sections would be a good forum in which to share insights from the text.

Yahweh Speaks Through Pharaoh
(Gen. 41)
If this detail about the dreams of Pharaoh strike you as unhistorical, that might be due to the fact that you do not actually know your history: dream reports are common in the writings of 1st century Jewish historian Josephus, and in the Roman historian Tacitus ("A ghastly dream appalled the general. He seemed to see Quintilius Varus, covered with blood..."), and in a lot of others. The way that the ancient groups told history was just different from the less engaging methods that North Americans use these days. My big thing is that God speaks through pharaoh. Pharaoh is not a prophet. He is a pagan king who set himself up as the embodiment of an Egyptian god. The fact that God gives him dreams and visions in this record shows me that (1) God is not limited to speaking only to one group of people; and (2) Yahweh is the Lord of all nations and cultures, whatever their preferred religion is. He has the right to reveal things to pagan rulers, like the King of Egypt, speak through them, judge them, whatever. All nations are responsible to come to Jesus, who is the only way to God the Father.

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