Monday, January 31, 2011

Leaders Who... Wait (Exodus 1 to 3)

Based on's Chronological Bible In a Year schedule. If anyone would like to join in, this blog's comments sections would be a good forum in which to share insights from the text.

This is a reflection on Moses' wait to lead in Exodus. It's also a word for those who think they are 'called' to be something great: Moses waited from birth to 40, then waited until 80, and was finally 120 before he reached the end of the wilderness journeys. Be prepared to wait. And be prepare to wait for a while.

It Is Okay to Be Called to Something Normal
I moved to Caronport, SK, a few months ago - and I noticed that almost everyone here feels as if they are 'called' to some sort of ministry. Now, while I highly doubt that everyone is genuinely called to something great (I find it odd that no one feels 'called' to work hard and raise a family and just be good Christians in their community - apparently that isn't sexy enough for people who have been raised on epic testimonies from the front of the church, and that's a shame) I do think that God might have some great things in store for a lot of people around here. But I think that they might have to wait. That is the pattern for most Biblical leaders.

It Is Okay to Wait On Your Calling
From the time that Moses was brought into Pharaoh's house, to the time when he took it upon himself to save his people from slavery, was 40 years. It still was not enough time. This child who grew up hearing that he was special and that God had put him in his situation to save the Hebrews, waited until he was fully 40 years old before he started striking down Egyptians and mediating between his Jewish people. That is a long time to wait! It still was not enough.

God waited another 40 years, until Moses was 80 and had become a failure at life to call him (tending Jethro's sheep would be like doing janitorial work at your father-in-law's business - it is not something that successful people do, exactly). He put Moses back on the shelf and did nothing with him for a very long time.

Two Encouragements for the Called
Maybe you feel like you are going to do something great with your life. To that sentiment, I have two encouragements: one, don't hunger for attention and a testimony so much that you cease to value the 'bland' calling of working hard and raising your family. Two, if you really are called then you should be prepared to have to wait -you missionaries, pastors, movement leaders, and aspiring testimony givers- because Moses had to 80 years. And he was not the only one, either: Abraham waited 13 years for Isaac; Joseph waited over 20 years to fulfill his vision; and Noah was 600 years old before he fulfilled his father's prophecy.

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