Monday, February 28, 2011

Chapter by Chapter in Numbers 9 to 10

Most of what I learn from the Bible doesn't come from outright statements. It's the patterns, the pieced-together stuff, that gives me some of my biggest insights. The treatment of Judah's tribe is one of those patterns: their camping position, leadership in marching, first place in making sacrifices, and numerical growth shows us that God always planned to do something very special through these people. And He did - Judah is the Israeli tribe from which Jesus came.

Based on's Chronological Bible In a Year schedule. If anyone would like to join in, this blog's comments sections would be a good forum in which to share insights from the text.

Numbers 9 (1) In Numbers 9.1-14, we get a little leniency from God; people who miss the Passover can just celebrate it in the 2nd month. God seems to often make allowances for situations that are beyond our control - I like that. Those of us who get the 'justice' thing don't really understand leniency, and those of us who get the 'leniency' thing don't understand justice, so it's cool to see how God does both. (2) Here's a good memory verse about waiting for God to lead you before you embark on some new endeavor:
Whether by day or by night, when the cloud was taken up they traveled. Whether it was for two days, or a month, or a year, that the cloud prolonged its stay over the tabernacle, the Israelites remained camped without traveling; but when it was taken up, they traveled on. -Numbers 9.21-22

(1) Judah's banner -and Nahshon himself (there we go again!)- leads the march of Israel's tribes. I just wanted to point out that Judah (the tribe of Jesus) is special. Judah's treatment is one of the ways in which the Old Testament points us towards Jesus. (2) In Numbers 10.29, Moses enlists his brother-in-law to navigate the Sinai desert for him. This brings up a super practical idea: keep your family close, and don't be afraid to ask for their expertise. You can not do everything yourself. Sometimes you need to call in favors, and no one will answer that call more readily than family.

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