Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recap: Chapter by Chapter in Exodus 31 to 32

Exodus 31 Exodus records that Bezalel and Oholiab were 'filled with the Spirit of God' so that they would have the skill to do work on the Tabernacle. This makes me wonder if the transition from academic to tradesman (and back again) is as simple as asking God to empower you for one task or the other, or both. And by the way, here is a little reflection on the Hebrew Sabbath, which I've taken up to help me understand the Old Testament better: it's way better than taking your Sabbath on Sunday. To keep your Sunday sabbath, you have to be unproductive for 32 hours (all of Sunday of plus eight hours of sleep); to keep the Jewish sabbath (about 6:00pm Friday to 6:00pm Saturday), you begin your sabbath with sleep and end it in the late afternoon the next day, keeping things down to a trim 24-hour period.

Exodus 32 Like a business leader who goes away on vacation, only to come back to find the office steeped in complete and utter chaos (fights breaking out; a man photocopying his rear end while cackling strangely; employees making long-distance calls on the phone; computer-game players; uninvited children; an unexplained ape roaming around in shirt and tie, etc.), Moses learns a lesson the hard way: good leaders are hard to find and his people are unreliable. The Israelis have fashioned an idol by this point and held a drunken party in its honor - right in time for Moses' return. As for Aaron, Exodus tells us that he was left in charge, and that he turned out to be the one who fashioned this blasphemous little statuette. Moses was not happy. My favourite part? Moses is said to have ground the golden calf into powder and made his people swallow it.

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