Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recap: Chapter by Chapter in Exodus 36 to 38

Exodus 36 Bezalel the son of Hur gets to work on heading up the Tabernacle Construction Project. The whole thing ends up taking a massive amount of gold and silver, the women help out with the knitting and weaving, and people have to be encouraged to stop giving to the project - a problem my pastor probably wishes he had to deal with in his people! The building is faithful to the description given to Moses, right down to the last detail, so much that much of the following material is just repeated from the earlier section. Bezalel did not try to add any creative arches or experiment with special designs: he did it exactly the way that God prescribed. Does your church worship God the way that He prescribes in His Word, or does it come up with its own creative ideas that push His aside?

Exodus 37 The Tabernacle continues to be built, just the way that God commands it. It strikes me that the detail isn't exhaustive though. Even today, we still have slightly different portrayals of the Tabernacle and the High Priest's robes, because the decorative bits weren't laid out. I wonder if Bezalel was inspired to produce exactly what God wanted, in the same way that St. Paul or St. Peter were inspired to write letters, so that what was made was exactly what God wanted.

Exodus 38 Bezalel of Judah did the major work, but Oholiab of Dan finished it all up and made the decorative bits into what they were. I think that God did this -made them a team, rather than just giving Bezalel all of the skills- to show us that we were not meant to work alone or be solitary people. God made us in His image, which includes our need for relationships and partnerships that reflect the Trinity, and as the Father/Son/Spirit work together and complement each other's work perfectly, Bezalel and Oholiab worked together and complemented one another's skills perfectly. As the Church we do this too - we are all different parts of one body, living out God's image as we work in unison in one collective unity.

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