Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recap: Chapter by Chapter in Leviticus 26 to 27

Based on's Chronological Bible In a Year schedule. If anyone would like to join in, this blog's comments sections would be a good forum in which to share insights from the text.

Leviticus 26 Some preachers talk about Hell more than Heaven, because the Bible talks about curses more than blessings. For a perfect example of that, read Leviticus 26. I think that the danger needs to be emphasized here - and judging by this chapter, God thinks so too. This has nothing to do with being judgmental, and everything to do with wanting people to escape danger.

Leviticus 27 (1) When things were given to Yahweh -really given to the Tribe of Levi, much like tithes given to God today are actually a gift to the church- there needed to be rules for how that worked. Gifts of sons, daughters, grown people, houses, land, animals, etc. needed to have rules in place so that people could get their land, sons, daughters, or people back after some time. (2) By the way, the value of women in Lev. 27 is about 50% to 60% what men are valued at. God seems to be giving men a different but more prominent role in society. At leas that is what it looks like.

Other comments and observations can be found in the comments section! Join in!

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