Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What They're Saying 06.15.11

The Resurgence links to their favourite sermon series on manhood - Matt Chandler's The Image and Glory of God

"Matt Chandler did a Men's Bible Study back in 2008 at The Village Church titled The Image & Glory of God. We thought, 'It's a great series on manhood,' so we wanted to repost it here as a resource. Find more studies and seminars from The Village Church."

Her.meneutics profiles a Messianic Jewish woman who lives and raises her children on an Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

"Ariella, who emigrated to Israel from the U.S. nearly 15 years ago, is a Messianic Jew. 'Our town of about 40,000 is a short distance from Jerusalem. Most living here hold to some form of religious Zionism, otherwise they would not feel comfortable living here. When I was 13 and had my Bat Mitzvah - my coming of age ceremony - the Torah portion for that week was Ezekiel 36:24-39. This set of verses turned out to have incredible impact for me in my 20s as I came to faith in Yeshua (Jesus), and again a few years later when I became part of the community of returning exiles.' She married another Jewish believer she met after moving to Israel."

Baptist-Reformed Pastor John Piper writes about what it means for Christians to see themselves as exiles and strangers in the world, "In the world, but not of it."

"The fact that we are exiles on the earth (1 Peter 2:11) does not mean that we don’t care what becomes of culture. However, it does mean that we exert our influence as very happy, brokenhearted outsiders. We are exiles. 'Our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ' (Phil. 3:20). “Here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come” (Heb. 13:14)."

A Little humour... "Benedictions: One Hand or Two?"

"A small battle is starting to rage offline between Levy and Trueman as to how many hands are needed to pronounce the benediction at the end of the service. Trueman is a one-hand man, Levy a two. Apparently, Levy is so distressed at being effortlessly outclassed on the spiritual power front that he has signed up for training sessions from the man known to the wider world simply as the Spanish Derek Thomas. Six weeks of internship with this man and Levy won't be able to use two hands -- for if he did, people would surely die."

First-class Christian apologetics guru Dr. James White lectures on the reliability of the New Testament, especially in reply to the writings Dr. Bart Ehrman.

"While the video is a bit long (just shy of an hour and a half), it is all worthwhile. The Christian faith stands or falls based on whether the Bible can be shown to be reliable or proved to be untrue; Everything we believe is based on our judgment of whether the Bible is a reliable source of truth or not. If you want to be at least a little bit informed about the credibility of your faith, make time this weekend to watch this video." -SEAN

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