Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What They're Saying 06.22.11

Tabletalk interviews Peter Hitchens, the Christian brother of well-known Atheist Christopher Hitchens

"PETER: Atheism has dozens of failed arguments. The ones I felt qualified to deal with were these: that religion, and specifically Christianity, is a major cause of conflict; that an effective moral code can exist without a belief in the eternal; and my brother’s claim that the Soviet regime was religious in character."

True Woman blogger Karen Waddles has been writing a series on objections to the gender roles (specifically, submission). Read the whole series: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

"Prior to getting married, we decided that we would build our marriage and family based on the principles of the Bible. So, of course, I went to God’s Word to find support for my position. Surely, God didn’t expect me to belittle my intelligence by submitting to a man! As I was confronted with the concepts of headship, submission, and biblical roles for marriage, I came to an awakening; a realization of how radically different God’s ways and thoughts are than ours. They are so far beyond our capacity to understand, that unless He reveals them to us, they cannot be known. My heart overflowed in appreciation for God’s desire to make His will known to His children. Along with this awakening came a sense of brokenness; the hardness that was part and parcel of my radical stance had to be reckoned with."

On a related note, Jennifer Smidt at The Resurgence writes "An Excellent Wife Is Forged, Not Found"

"A godly wife understands that she is nothing outside of the saving grace of Jesus Christ and has no excellence apart from Him. Christ’s grace and love are precious to her. Fueled by his riches, she will become a glorious crown to her husband as she helps, nurtures and loves him from the depths of Christ’s righteousness in her. It takes a 10 minute ceremony to become a wife. It takes a lifetime to become an excellent wife."

Stuart Dauerman does not believe that the Church replaces Israel's relationship with God. Messianic Jews and Christians are 'one' - but not the same.

"The One New Man is an Inconvenient Truth because it reminds us that God intends that Jewish Yeshua believers live in the context of Jewish life and community, integrated with the Jewish world rather than being assimilated into the Gentile or Church worlds. Although in some cases due to factors such as intermarriage, this priority cannot and even should not be honored, nevertheless that would be an exception to the rule which affirms that those who call themselves Jews should be living communally Jewish Torah observant lives. This comes as an inconvenience to most of us who have accommodated ourselves to secularism or to other ecclesial contexts."

John Starke has some advice for slow readers (like me!)

While this isn't an article about doctrine or defending the faith, it is kind of related; if we want to know more about either topic, we need to READ, don't we? Of course! So if you're a slow reader like I am, hopefully this article will give you some encouragement. Some of us read everything quickly and memorize everything as soon as we've gone over it once. The rest of us need strategies to get our reading done - so here are some strategies which might be helpful to you. -SEAN

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