Thursday, July 28, 2011

What They're Saying 07.28.11

Jonathan Dodson Asks, 'Is Jesus the Only Way?'

'This is the perennial question of our generation: “Is Jesus the only way to God?” Some ask it with disdain: How could anyone assert that Jesus is the only way to God? Others ask it with genuine sense of doubt. Is Jesus the only way to God? Only in books do we find this question asked and addressed so explicitly. So while the question may mark our generation, we are loath to discuss the answer. Why is this question so besetting for our generation? Over the next few posts, I will address this question with honesty and sincerity.'

Fred Zaspel, Author of The Theology of B.B. Warfield, With a Post On 'Warfield On the Divine Origin of the Bible'

'Frequently throughout his writings on the doctrine of Scripture B.B. Warfield emphasizes that we believe in the inspiration of Scripture simply because Jesus and his appointed apostles taught it. This for Warfield is the real issue and deciding factor in the question — We hold this doctrine on Jesus’ own authority. And of course he spends much time in the Scriptures demonstrating this obvious point. In his “The Divine Origin of the Bible” (1882), however, Warfield surveys the corroborating evidence. If the Bible is indeed from God, then we should expect to see evidence of that fact in both its contents and its effects. And so he demonstrates that this is indeed the case.'

Over at Kingdom People, Joel Writes a Great Post On the Idols We Worship

'Struggling one, you can live only if you begin with a quiet trust that you are living in a meaningful universe which was conceived and made by the eternal Father. It is possible only if you repose yourself on the confidence that He has given you your existence, your talents and your abilities, and that you have nothing more to do in the place where He has put you than quietly to shine and to serve. If you thus believe that the Father is behind everything and in everything, then you no longer need these three—money, honor, pleasure.'

Matt Johnson With a Great Post On Marriage

'To paraphrase my good buddy Pastor Phil Smidt, you can find all kinds of info online for “wedding planning.” But try typing in “marriage planning” and Google gets confused. No doubt, wedded bliss is a beautiful thing. Enjoy it. Just don’t panic when you realize that sometime between saying your vows and after you get home from the honeymoon (maybe during), there will be a clash of wills and most certainly disagreements. And not the cutesy, romantic comedy type that resolve in a half-hour either. When the inevitable tensions rise, there is an insidious temptation in these moments. You’ll want to check out, hold a grudge, or demand your “me time.” But this is the Great Physician’s surgery prep and you’re slated for a spiritual operation asap.'

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