Monday, August 1, 2011

Lost People In Hong Kong

Today, I should have listened to my team leaders. To start the day, my voice was cracking. I felt alright, but there was something that was just off about the day from the getgo. We were scheduled to teach at an all-girls Catholic High School, in Aberdeen, HK. My team leaders saw that I was feeling perfectly well before leaving and allowed me to come along, even if I was not going to be able to teach a class. However, upon entering this school, I started to become nauseated. When the director of the school walked into the room and began speaking, the nausea was overwhelming.

Wandering In Hong Kong

My team leaders sent me home by cab. I walked around the school, but there were no cabs in sight. Afar off I saw a busier street and walked toward it. I saw people hailing taxis that were coming down off a bridge. Two people were able to hail a taxi before it was my turn. However, after waiting about 10-15 minutes without seeing one, I decided to move on to a busier part of Aberdeen. At this point, I was frustrated and just wanted to be home. I found my way to a bus depot, but there was no place for taxis to pull up. I made my way down a smaller street close to a shopping mall, and went into a 7-Eleven to inquire about a good place for cabs. The woman at the desk looked puzzled, and then just laughed in my face, and told me to just wait at the corner of the street. So I walked down, now extremely hot, and ready to pass out from the heat and nausea.

Pagan Gods On the Street

I found myself at the corner of a street facing what I couldn't believe I was seeing. There was a shrine to a pagan god set up in the middle of the street. There were incense being burned continually, along with food offerings and drink offerings. It was as though God wanted me to have a fresh view of the lostness that was Hong Kong. My frustration melted into repentance (of my attitude) and prayer for the Hong Kong people who, at that point, reminded me much of people in Quebec. The religion was so intertwined with the culture that most people couldn't distinguish between the two. Like French Canadians and Catholicism, China and pagan gods went hand in hand.

A Valuable Lesson

I was glad that God made me wait another 30 minutes at that corner, because I learned a valuable lesson in patience, prayer and repentance. If you're listening to your flesh, you may miss the opportunity for the Spirit to do something through you.



  1. Praying for you and the rest of your cohort while you're in Hong Kong.

  2. Thanks Bro :) They are both needed and appreciated :)


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