Monday, August 15, 2011

What They're Saying 08.15.11

Lopez-Anthony Split Over Scientology - ​I didn't even know Jennifer Lopez was into Scientology. It's the fad religion of hollywood superstars (more so than Kabbalah), has a sketchy history of forming large-scale plots to cover up information about itself, is responsible for turning Tom Cruise into Billy Graham's evil doppelganger, and probably has a massive role to play in a lot of Hollywood political activism. Be in prayer for Lopez, Anthony, their kids, and those who have been mislead by the Church of Scientology.

Mugabe's Party Terrorizes Christians - Zimbabwe's Christians are being killed for helping the hungry (mostly because this acknowledges that people are hungry in Zimbabwe, which President Robert Mugabe's political party sees as criticism). As of right now the ruling ZANU PF is targeting, harassing, interrogating, and reportedly murdering members of churches that refuse to support ZANU PF over the opposition MDC party. Be in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe, as well as thankful for the freedom we have to express our faith politically.

Ripping the Use of 'Dominionism' - This is more of an American issue. Some have recently decided to discredit Christian politicians by using the term 'Dominionism' to suggest that Evangelicals are trying to infiltrate and take over American institutions. In this piece, Jeremy Pierce looks at some of the facts and shows this line of thinking for the conspiracy theory that it really is. Jesus said the world would hate us, so it's no wonder this kind of treatment is being handed out to Evangelicals who gain prominence in the secular sphere.

How to Boast In the Lord Jesus - Mars Hill pastor Jamie Munson just wrote a really encouraging post on how to make our lives All About Jesus. The checklist goes: (1) Recognize it's all about Jesus; (2) Enjoy accomplishments but don't take the glory; (3) Learn from disappointments but don't dwell on them; (4) Seek and practice humility and repentance; (5) Redeem the gifts, desires, and passions you've been given; (6) Embrace and participate in the work and mission of Jesus.

Yeshua, the Man From Galilee - Yeshua In Context (YIC) is a fantastic blog, put out by a Messianic Jewish Rabbi named Derek Lehman. I don't agree with all his stuff but his passion is to help us understand the Jewish-Greek-Roman context of Jesus' ministry. Far from being scholarship for Bible nerds, this is devotional material that helps bring the human existence of our Savior to life.

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