Thursday, August 18, 2011

What They're Saying 08.18.11

Ethiopian Christians Fight Child Sacrifice - 'The healthy infant boy's top teeth came in before his bottom teeth. For this, elders of the Kara tribe in Ethiopia's primitive Omo River region determined that the child must die. The child was mingi—"cursed" according to superstition. With every breath, the elders believed, the boy was beckoning an evil spirit into their village. It was the sacrifice of one child for the good of the entire tribe, a rite that elders had witnessed for untold generations... But one small band of Christians in one tribe, along with other supportive Christians, has pledged to protect these cursed children until mingi is no more.'

Is Homosexuality Wrong? No. And, Yes. - 'I recently began a series of blog posts on Christianity and homosexuality, and then left off for a while. The truth is that I’ve been dreading writing the next installment — this one — in the series. Absolutely dreading it. Why? Many of my friends, colleagues and former students are homosexual. I respect them, admire them, like them, and love them. They are good people. And while many of them would object to other parts of the series so far, this is the part that will bother them the most. It pains me to think of paining them.'

'Reduction' Abortions Make Everyone Uneasy - 'This is what tortures pro-choicers. "I just couldn't sleep at night knowing that I terminated my daughter's perfectly healthy twin brother,"... "I'd have a much easier time aborting a single baby or both twins than doing a reduction. When you reduce, the remaining twin will remain a persistent reminder of the unborn child. I think that, more than anything would make killing that fetus feel like killing another human, even though it wasn't fully developed. It would feel that way because you would have a living copy of the person you killed." That's the anguish of reduction: watching the fetus you spared become what its twin will never be. And knowing that the only difference between them was your will.'

Are Christians Too Focused On the Gospel? - 'Recently someone I respect asked me, “is it possible that within the ‘gospel-centered movement’ some people are making the main thing the only thing?” It is a great question, and I think it does point to a problem of unhealthy reductionism among some well-meaning brothers and sisters. I believe this brother was essentially saying, “Look, our people need to know what their hope is before God. This is of first importance. But, they also need to know how to pray, fast, love, give, fight, and serve.” Of course, I agree with this sentiment.'

Communion Is Not Meant For Worthy People - 'This emphasis on the Lord’s giving can sometimes be obscured by the way that we approach the Lord’s Table. Taking our cue from 1 Corinthians 11:28, we rightly wish to “examine” ourselves so that we do not take the Supper in an “unworthy manner.” But we distort this passage if we begin to think that it calls for worthy recipients, rather than worthy participation, at the Lord’s Table.'

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