Thursday, August 25, 2011

What They're Saying 08.23.11

Thomas Booher Goes to [Reformation Bible] College - Our own Thomas Booher is currently attending Reformation Bible College as part of its inaugural class. Here some info: 'When Dr. R.C. Sproul first laid out his vision for Ligonier Academy and the college that would eventually develop here, he explained the world-changing work undertaken in John Calvin’s Geneva. Looking to that school in the mid-16th century, Dr. Sproul took encouragement for the educational goals he had in mind. It was there in Geneva in 1559, that John Calvin welcomed the first students to the Academy. That work blossomed within a few years as the Protestant refugees came from throughout Europe to learn God’s Word and be discipled for the hard work of reformation.'

Reformed And Charismatic? Horton Doesn't Think So - 'I do not find Grudem’s case for continuing prophecy persuasive. He clearly distinguishes prophecy today from the prophecy that delivered the sacred oracles of Holy Scripture. This is both the strength and the weakness of his position. Grudem believes that the kind of prophecy that is ongoing in the church is distinguished from preaching and teaching by being “a spontaneous ‘revelation’ from God….” (Grudem, Systematic Theology, 1058) In my view, this interpretation introduces a definition of prophecy that is not consistent with its practice in the apostolic church. Nowhere is prophecy distinguished by its spontaneous quality. Furthermore, in spite of his salutary caution against raising such prophecies to the level of Scripture, this interpretation still raises the question as to whether the Spirit issues new revelations that are not already communicated in Scripture. If prophecy is defined simply as Spirit-given insight into Scripture, then is this not synonymous with preaching?'

The Theological Challenge of Today? Adam and Eve. - 'Every generation of Christians faces its own set of theological challenges. For this generation of Evangelicals, the question of beginnings is taking on a new urgency. In fact, this question is now a matter of Gospel urgency. How are we to understand the Bible’s story, if we can have no confidence that we know how it even begins? In terms of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the most urgent question related to beginnings has to do with the questions related to the existence of Adam and Eve as as them first parents to all humanity and to the reality of the Fall as the explanation for human sinfulness and all that comes with sin.'

Why Pragmatism Is Not Enough For Christians - 'The strange reality is that God specializes in using sinful means to bring about glorious ends. The Bible is full of examples of this. Through outrageously sinful, treasonous acts committed against the Creator of the universe, the Lord brought about the most God-glorifying act in all of history. Were we to judge this pragmatically, we could excuse the actions of those involved, from the religious leaders who demanded his crucifixion, to the secular leaders who ordered his death and who nailed him to the cross. But the Bible would never allow us to go there; it would never allow us to minimize the horror of such sin.This means that statements like, “God used it” or “God can use it” or “God will use it” or “Look what God is doing!” are not enough. We need to look to the Bible as our ultimate standard of what is right and what is wrong.'

Huge Online Discussion About Grace and Effort - 'William B. Evans and Sean Michael Lucas have been engaged in a profitable discussion over at Reformation 21 on sanctification and the gospel. Here are their exchanges... Rick Phillips also added a helpful and important post summarizing seven assertions about the relationship between justification and sanctification. As I’ve mentioned before, Kevin DeYoung and Tullian Tchividjian have been engaged in a longer—though less direct—discussion addressing similar issues... I am thankful for this iron-sharpening-iron among friends done in a respectful and edifying way.'

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